Jason Roewert
  Jason and Nic Roewert
Nic & Jason were raised in Nebraska. Both were very active growing up, constantly involved in school, sports, church and social events, exploring, riding dirt bikes, fishing, swimming, etc. When they were not doing these things, the two could be found exercising their artistic talents. They would sit at the kitchen table to draw, often challenging each other to contests. Legos also proved to be a favorite toy/tool with which they could create almost anything their minds could dream up. The boundless activity combined with their naturally imaginative minds inspired their creativity and expressiveness.

As they grew older, they experimented with wire bending (creating animals, people and objects from a single strand of wire). They often found themselves talking together about “if” they had the mechanical tools and materials to do this-or-that. As time went on, they continued praying and talking about it and felt God’s hand nudging them to go forward with their expressiveness.

The Lord kept at their minds/hearts and they opened a shop where they were able to start taking their thoughts and turning them into projects. The shop facilitated them to work with specialized equipment and with different kinds of metal, thus allowing them to greatly expand their creative boundaries. Metal possessed the uniqueness they were looking for since it is both a malleable material and a challenging medium with which to transfer the image in their minds to a finished sculpture.

Now, all they are looking for is you. Whether you are “just looking” or “looking for just the perfect piece”, take a tour around the site. Keep in mind that Nic & Jason can start from scratch for your project or help bring your existing idea into creation. Above all, Nic & Jason would love the opportunity to make a positive impact on your life and those who surround you.

Enjoy your time here. Nic & Jason look forward to hearing from you.

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